I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a PhD in Computer Science, supervised by Manoj Prabhakaran. I also held a brief post-doctoral position at the University of Texas at Austin hosted by Brent Waters.

After starting the PhD program, I did two internships at Microsoft Research Redmond with Melissa Chase (Summer 2014, Spring 2016) and one at Microsoft Research India with Vipul Goyal (Summer 2012). Before that, I interned at Amazon (Hyderabad, Summer 2008) and Synovel, and participated in the Google Summer of Code (Summer 2009).

During my PhD, I was awarded the C.L. and Jane W.-S. Liu Award, the Feng Chen Memorial Award, and the Andrew & Shana Laursen Fellowship by the Computer Science department. I was a member of the Computer Science Graduate Admissions Committee (2014) and the Graduate Academic Council (2014-15).

I was a guest editor (invited) for the Spring 2015 ACM XRDS issue, which was on cryptography. The magazine has articles on fully homomorphic encryption, searchable encryption, and secure multi-party computation, among several other interesting things.