I am a Research Engineering Manager in Blockchain Security at Coinbase. I am interested in all things crypto (graphy + currency).

Previously, I was a Senior Technologist (Security & Cryptography) in the Software Solutions & Algorithms group at Western Digital Research and, before that, a Senior Staff Research Scientist and Team Lead in the Advanced Cryptography group at Visa Research. I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a PhD in Cryptography from the Computer Science department.

I was on the program committee of EUROCRYPT 2022, PETS 2022, CBT 2021, ICDCS 2021, FC 2021, ACISP 2021, Indocrypt 2020, SBC 2020, CESC 2019, FC 2019, SBC 2019, FC 2018, and SAC 2017. I have worked with several great interns over the years like Srinivasan Raghuraman (MIT, Visa Research), Saikrishna Badrinarayanan (UCLA, Snapchat), Benedikt Bünz (Stanford, Espresso Systems), and Ioannis Demertzis (UMD, UC Santa Cruz).

You can reach me at [s] [last name] @pm.me. I am also on Twitter, LinkedIn, and GitHub.